How to increase sales by implementing AR technology during the Chinese New Year?




Your Own Peach Blossom Land 


jELLYCAT is a renowned brand known for its key attributes of luxurious softness, quirky design, and heart-warming/cuddly emotional value. Their high-quality fabric and playful designs set them apart from competitors in the market.


Leverage AR technology and engage with the target audience during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. The objective was to deliver a CNY edition and drive traffic to sales while emphasizing the brand’s key attributes, superior quality, and emotional value.


The campaign idea revolved around creating an immersive experience called “jELLYCAT LONDON: Your Own Peach Blossom Land.” Inspired by the traditional Chinese story of “Peach Blossom Land,” the campaign aimed to showcase Chinese cultural appreciation and the belief in living harmoniously with nature. The campaign manifesto emphasized everyone’s peaceful place, dreams, and good wishes for the future.

Making it Happen

1) The campaign leveraged the CNY period, aligning it with the perfect occasion to deliver the brand’s message and showcase Chinese cultural appreciation.
2) An ink painting animation video was created to promote the campaign, generating over 666k impressions and 3,000 interactions on Chinese social platforms.
3) WeChat ads and a red packet campaign were launched, resulting in 70,000 red packets shared within three days and over 309,000 views of the campaign pages.
4) Cross-channel promotion strategies were employed, including collaborations with celebrities like Zhou Bichang and Chen Yihan, resulting in high impressions, engagements, and positive brand exposure.


By leveraging AR technology and Chinese cultural elements during the CNY period, jELLYCAT successfully engaged with the target audience, drove traffic to sales, and strengthened its brand positioning. The campaign’s immersive experience, collaborations with celebrities, and cross-channel promotion strategies contributed to its overall success.