How to sustain and further grow the brand’s presence in the Chinese market?

Emma Bridgewater
Maximising Brand Reach and Conversion


Despite experiencing a couple of turbulent years, Emma Bridgewater achieved a major milestone in building brand equity in China. The challenge was to sustain and further grow the brand’s presence and engagement in the Chinese market.


Cater to the Chinese audience’s preferences by employing a multi-channel approach, featuring fun and entertaining creative posts with a focus on product visuals.

Making it Happen

1) Leveraged key platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, RED, and Douyin to engage with the Chinese audience effectively
2) A variety of content was published , including campaign  posts, organic posts, and collaborations with celebrities and brand partnerships.
3) The brand highlighted specific collections and China-exclusive products, such as the Christmas Advent Calendar and built strategic partnerships to generate interest and engagement.
4) In-depth market analysis was conducted, leading to content strategies that resonated well with the target audience
5) Douyin in-feed ads were utilized for the first time, generating high completion and engagement rates


New followers across four platforms
increase in engagement compared to previous year
increase of engagements on Douyin
audience reach