How to encourage offline experiences after lockdown

Chinatown London


#EverydayWeBlossom 花样年华


Encourage consumers to come back to a community of businesses and restaurants after lockdown


Demonstrate how the Chinatown London community continues to empower eachother to flourish
Show consumers’ shared interests and life stories, especially those which can be linked directly with Chinatown

Making it happen

Hylink and Chinatown London devised a photo and video campaign on Chinese social media that both reminded audiences of the Chinatown London brand and highlighted the diversity of its consumer groups
Playing with the double meaning of the word ‘hua’, we represented the inclusivity of the Chinatown community: (1) 花 huā represents flowers and (2) 华 huá, the richness of Asian culture leading to the launch ofthe hashtag #花样年华 Huāyàng niánhuá (#EverdayWeBlossom)


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