Content to drive brand affinity with Chinese audiences

Harvey Nichols


#520SayLove# campaign


Build luxury department store Harvey Nichols’ brand awareness and strengthen the emotional link with Chinese target audiences during a Chinese holiday


May 20 is China’s second unofficial Valentine’s Day after the Western equivalent
The numbers “520” are often used to express “I love you” as the pronunciation of the two phrases are similar in Chinese
Short videos take up 9% of the average Chinese person’s daily time online
Leverage a branded short film to feature stories of people expressing love in different ways to create an emotional bond with Chinese shoppers and remind people that even in a hectic digital era they mustn’t forget what it means to be human and show love in authentic ways

Making it happen

Hylink shot and produced Harvey Nichols’ first ever film advert specially made for the Chinese market
Worked with 20 influencers who shared their own love stories to maximise digital buzz
Launched film on Harvey Nichols’ official social pages to encourage target audience to share their experiences


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